No Masking This Election

We've been trudging down the presidential campaign trail for what now, 12, 15 years?

I barely remember the original Republican nominees, except for Mike Huckabee. He was the bass guitarist for the rock band Capitol Offense, the Southern Baptist minister who went skinny.

That was so long ago, I think of him as a high school classmate.

I recall the Clinton and Obama phase of the campaign, a battle of epic proportion that could qualify as a television miniseries.

Honestly, I was concerned Hillary might run out of pant suits before the Democratic nominee was named.

That was before I passed through menopause.

At last, we have pared the contest to two candidates, Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama.

Even with the controversy the Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has added to the mix, the end is in sight. We are a mere two weeks from Election Day, folks, and it's time to make a decision:

What will you dress up as for Halloween?

I'm a firm believer all you need for a unique and creative costume is a little imagination and a cardboard box. Indeed, the box has carried us through many a witch's night.

Boxes fit the bill for a variety of costumes; dice, chest of drawers, Lego's, refrigerator, or a Jack in the Box.

We designed a haunted garden from a box, my daughter's head a flower, rising above a dilapidated fence- skulls, bones, and body parts optional.

Another year, another box, we created a grocery bag, gluing various products to the box, assorted novelties peeking out the top. Put a milk carton on your kids' head, or add a receipt flowing from the bag.
In today's market, the register tape is the most horrifying part.

We have, in fact, used the box theme so often on Halloween, everyone in town knows who we are from a distance of 50 yards.

"Oh, that's a Graham. They're so square."

Other families have masterminded their own traditions. Our neighbors, the Strassells, always do a group theme, like a herd of cows, the Flintstones, or Meerkat Manor- something that requires a bit of cooperation.

Our neighbor Mike, on the other hand, is his own man. He always goes as a woman.

On election years such as this, you will see a number of people dressed up in presidential masks. After all, it can be terrifying to run a country.

According to CNN, the outcome of the presidential election could be predicted by the popularity of the masks of the candidates in question.

In an unscientific study, costume companies report that sales figures on these governmental ghouls have accurately picked the last six presidential elections.


As you scour the streets and scarf your child's candy this season, keep an eye out for Senator McCain and Senator Obama. See which way the crowd is swaying.

But, on Election Day, make your own decision.

Try to think outside the box.

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