When Something Is This Good, How Can You Not Share?

Ice cream aficionados nationwide are closely watching the activity of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams in Columbus.  Their website,, will give you the full scoop.

Jeni's is a small, family-owned and operated business, making headlines in big ways.

They've been featured in Time Magazine, and more than once on The Food Network.  On Facebook alone, they have more than 21,000 followers.

Their artisan ice creams are made primarily from fresh ingredients found in the Ohio countryside.  Their flavors are out of this world.

Salty Caramel, Honey Butter Cake, Violets and Meringue.  Oh, do get me started.

A few weeks ago, Jeni's announced a writing contest called "I Dream of Jeni's."  Fans of the product were asked to describe what Jeni's means to them.  Ten winners would receive a limited edition "I Dream of Jeni's" hoodie sweatshirt.

Writing?  Ice cream?  Hoodie?  I threw down my spoon and immediately typed my testimony.

A few days later, my dear friend Campbell popped up and asked me to proofread her essay.

I said, "You have got to be kidding me.  You're entering the contest, too?"

"You know I love Jeni's as much as you!"

"Fine, I'll proof your essay.  But, if you win a hoodie, and I am denied, I will hurt you."

"I would expect nothing less."

The competition had begun.

My entry went a bit like this:

My name is Jennifer, and I am a Jeni-oholic.

"Hi, Jennifer!"

It's hard to know when it began.

I didn't realize the extent of the problem until I found myself locked in the bathroom, polishing off the remaining pint of Salty Caramel.

The kids knocked on the door, inquiring, "Mom where's the rest of the Jeni's Ice Cream?"

I closed my eyes and exaggerated the truth.  "I haven't seen it in a while!"

"Mom, are you eating it?"

I hid the container in the cabinet, flushed the commode and yelled, "I can't hear you!"

It was about four score and seven pints ago that I had my first taste of Jeni's, an experience so satisfying, it
negated the trauma of turning 50.  It started out with Dark Chocolate and Salty Caramel, and progressed to Goat Cheese with Roasted Cherries and Sweet Corn with Raspberries.

A mere 12 months since, I have made the 60-mile jaunt to Columbus at least a half-dozen times to buy, devour and transport more Jeni's back home.

I had it for my anniversary and my next birthday, and even celebrated with a half-gallon when Justin Bieber cut his hair.

My Facebook postings alone could qualify me as a spokesperson for the company.  I am proud to say I have personally led at least a dozen people to the light.  When I'm not talking about Jeni's, or eating Jeni's, I'm sending Jeni's.

I have American Express charges covering shipment to Wake Forest, North Carolina, New Philadelphia (twice, that gluttonous brother of mine), and North Canton.

I told my husband, "It's about charity."

He said, "I think it's more about Corn Syrup Custard with Whiskey and Pecans."

He has a point, but doggone it, when something is this good, how can you not share?

That is, of course, as long as you're not down to the remaining pint.  Then it's every woman for herself.

It took more than a week for the Jeni's judges to make their decisions.  There were winners from New York, Chicago, New Jersey and beyond.

To my great delight, they decided I was worthy of a hoodie.

And, you know what?

They let Campbell have one, too.

It's probably a good thing.


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